Drinking in the scenery. Image: Cat Jones 2011

Drinking in the scenery. Image: Cat Jones 2011

Transcontinental Garden Exchange is an investigation into plant sentience, and series of experiments in communication between homosapiens & flora that will build to a united act of gardening across countries and time zones. A floriligeum remix to highlight how our green friends have seeded changes in our own social history and behaviour.

The project, conceived and lead by artist Cat Jones, aims to develop relationships between artists and non-artists and is currently in research and development.

This website collects research, discoveries, experiments, people and plants, and will host calls for contributions, all gathered on the way to the Transcontinental Garden Exchange.

Research threads promise an eclectic mixture of science and art: botanic metaphors and social commentary to unfold as social intervention, experiment, performance and media from scientific, historical,  folkloric, fictional  and personal points of view.

Collaborating artists and expert botanists will create an environment where audience delegates, can communicate & interact with our green friends through “transcontinental gardening methodologies” and observe our own social relationships through them.

Public outcome will manifest across multiple geographies.

If you’d like to receive updates and keep in touch you can subscribe to this website or email me to join a mailing list for the project. If you’d like to contribute, be involved or program the outcome event please contact Cat Jones.





This project is supported by the Australia Council for the arts through a Creative Australia Fellowship; FoAM vzw,  Belgium; and the Council of the City of Sydney.