Melissa Hunt

Audio Installation Artist

Melissa Hunt is part of the Transcontinental Garden Exchange team.

Samples of previous selected audio compositions can be seen  here on soundcloud

Examples of previous audio installations can be seen below

Emoh Interior from Melissa Hunt on Vimeo.

Light Speed Sound for Dorkbot from Melissa Hunt on Vimeo.

Overhear, for Liquid Architecture from Melissa Hunt on Vimeo.

Melissa Hunt is musician and sound artist based in Sydney. She completed a BA-Music at UWS 2002 majoring in composition and musicology regarding sound art. Since then she has been performing with various groups as a double bass player, and for the last 10 years performed nationally and internationally with the circuit bending group Toydeath. Melissa also creates interactive sound installations, modifying objects and/or contexts via interactive sensors and sound: using simple electronics and/or Max/MSP. These works include Light, Speed, Sound, a modified interactive record player using light sensors to change the speed and direction of the player (2010 Dorkbot exhibition, Serial Space); Overhear, using light sensors, sound and hand movement above grass (2009 Liquid Architecture); Fortune Telling Sound Booth, using wardrobe and touch sensors and sound (2008, Performance Space NightTime Markets outdoor event). She has recently been working with PACT centre for emerging artists, Erskineville as sound designer for Harvest, 2013, Beguiled, 2011, Bully Beef Stew, 2011 and Unsettlings, 2010. She developed a surround sound work for the Performance Space Night Time event Fight, 2011. She recently composed the soundtrack for video artist Sam James’ recent 3D video installation Artifact Cartoons, November 2012, Kudos Gallery, Sydney.  Melissa is interested in the organic process of sound and interaction; how audiences respond to sound and music aurally and physically, and from that, the theatrics of sound.