Friends with Deficits. Image by Katy Green-Loughrey 2013

Public engagement artists and performers.

Friends with Deficits are part of the Transcontinental Garden Exchange artistic team.

Your friends present performances; sometimes in parks, sometimes in theatres. Can promise benefits.

Amelia Wallin, Lisa Mumford and Maria White are Friends With Deficits. Three emerging artists bring their varied backgrounds in performance making and visual arts to this performance collective.

Friends with Deficits make cross-disciplinary image-led performances drawing their aesthetic from past personal histories. Their works to date explore private worlds of compulsion, retreat, and imagination in both site-specific spaces and theatres. They are interested in exploring the vulnerability, voyeurism and hyper-visibility of women in unexpected public settings. Friends With Deficits have performed at PACT centre for emerging artists, Art and About, Under the Radar Festival, The Red Rattler and The Old Fitz.

They collaborated with Julie Vulcan on Spotlight Bunny for Underbelly Arts Lab 2011. They were members of the 2010 PACT Ensemble, and in 2011 completed the PACT Vacant Room residency for their new body of work, On Romance, mentored by Clare Britton from My Darling Patricia.